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The most important thing is that slumber parties creates an environment where we can relax, be ourselves, share our hearts, laugh until we cry and best of all, feel young again. So, for one night trade your “to-do” list for comfortable PJ’s and awesome friends. Let’s put in your favourite CD, gather your friends around and build some new memories.

Slumber Parties

Ladies it’s time to plan your very own unique Slumber Party, a party for any occasion. Experience the crazy fun, laughter, and conversation you enjoyed at slumber parties you attended in your youth.

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Anointing Oil

There are many Bible verses that speaks of Anointing with Oil and is used to Anoint & Bless. Anointing Oil symbolizes the Holy Spirit being present to minister by power and might.

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Our Fragrances are crafted from the finest French perfume oils. Superior quality produces First-class Fragrances. The perfumery in Grasse has been processing’s raw materials since 1852.

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